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BE#93: If you are not happy with your career, it's never too late to change! Says -"Rami Kaibni"

Episode Summary

Our newest guest "Rami Kaibni" is a career coach, a certified senior portfolio and project management professional holding a bachelor’s degree in Structural Engineering and over 15 years of professional experience. He is the founder and executive coach at RMK Coaching and a named Global Will Ambassador for Canada. Over the course of his career, he worked with highly reputable organizations and clients both nationally and internationally. In this episode we discuss: - What motivated Rami to start his own coaching profession. - He believes in working and developing his personal skills to keep himself updated and to help others he mentors. - If anyone wants to switch careers there are two aspects to it, first is the technical aspect and the second is soft skills. Many of the soft skills are transferable. - And in some fields a person with a normal IQ can adapt field specific technical skills of a job in just three to five months. According to Rami It is not difficult to switch careers. - He says it is always good to work on something you love rather than feeling stuck and working on something you don't like (especially if you are in corporate). - When you switch career you have to be prepared to take a few steps back if it is within the corporate structure, of course becoming an entrepreneur is a different ball game. - As an entrepreneur you get to plan things at your own pace but when you are working for a corporate you have to adapt to the organizations pace. - He believes in planning long term and working on his plans gradually. - When you are a one man show you cannot do everything on your own so learn to take a breaks before you burnout. All this and much more. DO LISTEN to the full episode and please leave us your reviews as it means the world to do. To get in contact with Rami Kaibni find him at: ------------------------------------------------------------------------- ABOUT THE HOST: I am your host Kajal Khurana - KK, Author of best selling book on Amazon, Mindset & Health Coach, Nutritionist and a Reiki Healer. I am very passionate about helping entrepreneurs achieve their desired goals faster by using tools and techniques which will help them stay energized, focused so they can feel good with their body and mind and make better business decisions. If you enjoyed the episode, if it helped you in any way, or if you had ONE aha moment, please let me know, hit the subscribe button, rate the show and leave me a review. You will make my day :). My new book is launched on amazon here is the link please grab your copy Get the 5 hacks to escape burnouts, including free weekly planner and a bonus of free 30 minutes consultation call with me, all inside the ebook: Let me know what topics you want me to cover in my future episodes at Or visit my website: